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The ‘Time to Sing’ with The Belles Experience, took place weekly each Wednesday evening from 7pm to 10pm starting on 8th Nov and finishing on 13th Dec.

Participants worked with members of the choir to learn to how to sing in four-part harmony. Found out about their range and where voice their fits then took their place within the full Belles choir to learn a new song, ‘You are the sunshine of my life’ chosen especially for this course and learn one of our established Christmas songs. They learnt about the craft of singing and how to use warm-ups to keep your voice healthy. At the end of the course they had the chance to perform with the choir in a mini show for friends and family.

Director Lucy Whitwell said: Singing with The Belles has instant benefits to your physical and emotional wellbeing. The deep breathing and good posture required for singing give you a physical work out! Your facial and abdominal muscles are engaged, your circulation is improved. Singing enables your body to take in more oxygen than many sports!

Singing instantly releases endorphins, the ‘feel-good hormone’, making you feel energised and uplifted! Deep breathing in singing, like in mediation, helps to decrease stress, relax muscles, lower blood pressure and even improve digestion.

Singing is an ageless activity, and in enjoyed by Belles ranging in age from early 20s to their 80s. Singing helps to keep you mentally alert and improve your concentration and memory.

The most important part of being a Belle is the amazing sense of community, of belonging to a group with shared goals. Singing as part of a group increases your confidence, and widens your circle of friends.

The course was great fun, and such a fantastic way to finish off 2023, another great year for our Belles family!